Keine Chance für Farbfresser - Büropapiere mit ColorLok®-Technologie


ColorLok® technology transforms everyday office paper into a blank canvas representing infinite possibilities for magnificent reproduction of graphics and colours.


Animation Colorlok


Animation Colorlok



How? By injecting additives during the paper manufacturing process. This enables the "inclusion" of pigments on the paper surface. Without this technology, the paper acts almost like a sponge and absorbs black and coloured pigments deep into the paper fibres instead of showing them on the surface.

Not all papers are the same.

ColorLok® technology ensures more vibrant colours, fuller shades of black and shorter drying times.

  • Lebendige Farben

    More vibrant

  • Sattes Schwarz


  • Schnelle Trocknung


  • Umweltfreundlich


  • Bewährte Farbleistung

    Colour Performance



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